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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  June 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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there. >> wonderful. >> reporting a grand grand jury. to determine whether charges should be levied against salman that could include accessory to 49 counts of murder. 53 counts of attempted murder. failure to notify law enforcement. and lying to federal agents. but the u.s. attorney says it is too soon to talk about. >> we're not sure [ inaudible ] or if charges. >> reporter: salman told agents she had gone with her husband to case the nightclub. and gone with him to buy ammunition. fbi agents have visited salman's mother in the california bay area home where she grew up. a smart, shy, quiet girl, with palestinian roots. her first arranged marriage failed. she met mateen online. and friends say
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her. >> not too sure why. >> reporter: we also learned today, the killer did more than call 911. he also posted to facebook and called a florida tv station to brag about what he was doing. bruce? lesli? >> thanks for that. the fbi is searching for anybody who had contact with mateen prior to this to let them know. they are reconstructing his life, in hopes of going back years. to get breaking news on the latest developments in the nightclub shooting, of course, you can download the free wusa 9 app. searchers have found the body of an a o -- a child snatched by an alligator. 2-year-old lane graves was playing with his parents and siblings in shallow water at the grand floridian last night when the alligator attacked.
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desperately to fight off the alligator but could not save him. >> we're going to make certain that we have the alligator and that we move -- we remove it. >> disney has temporarily closed all of its beach resorts. authority says this is the first time anything like this has upon at disney world in its 45-year history. that attack at disney world has a lot of people talking on social media debra alfarone has more on this. a lot of finger-pointing on this. trying to find which is responsible. there's a lot of blame on the internet about that. in this first one, now, everyone says give it a rest. >> i still don't understand why police are killing the alligators. they'll find them
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and the next one, julie. why aren't there signs alerting people that there are alligators in the lakes? a snow-swimming sign isn't enough. donna says, i can't even begin to imagine the horror those parents are going through. and hannah. why is everything terrible happening this week? again, disney says that attacks like this are very rare. so join the conversation. tell us what you think. tweet us at wusa 9. lesli? >> all right. just so unthinkable. from the years of 2001 to 2015, there have been 156 alligator attacks in the entire state of florida. and 13 of them have been deadly. turning now to our big changes in the d.c. political landscape. voters turned out three incumbents. but the biggest losers.
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>> back. in the ward 7 primary. >> i think it says that people are not satisfied with the status quo. they want change. >> gray is not ruling out another run for mayor. and the chance to even the score against muriel bowser, who defeated him two years ago, when gray was the subject of a federal investigation. >> not interested in the drama of a battle. they want to see it grow. they want to problem solve. they want to see people working together. >> gray always insisted that he knew nothing about an off-the books campaign that raised more than $600,000. bowser sided with prosecutors and caused the breaks. mayor bowser. >> we look forward to working with them. >> our plans, largely are similar. how do we keep progress going
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progress. >> reporter: the boundary has already taken some tough losses with the current d.c. council. not likely to get any easier. ward 8 councilmember, lost yesterday. treon white. the winner of ward 8. >> going to serve with integrity. >> now, the winners of yesterday's democratic primary, are virtually guaranteed victory. coming up, in your only local newscast. interviewing here live in the studio. metro's general manager says work on the first maintenance surge is ahead of schedule. that is the project to replace the thousands of old rail ties between the boston and east
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falls church station. begins on friday. as paul wedefeld says, in addition to safety improvement, passengers should experience a better ride. the federal government announce an $875 million loan to the company that would run the purple line light rail system. that is in addition to the $900 million, the feds are expected to kick in later this year. the purple line will run 16 miles from bethesda to new cairltoon. and it's -- carrollton. and it's scheduled to open by march 2022. big traffic news. the governor announced it work -- work is under way along indian head highway. crews will replace the intersection on the overpass. the cost is $115 million. hope to finish. strangers became heroes on the parkway.
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shuttle bus was stuck on its side. these strangers, some of who were in the military, jumped in to help. police said good samaritans actually lifted the us about up onto its heels, rescuing those people. then administered life-saving aid to those injured. >> that's typical americans. especially virginians. military. everyone around this area, people care for each other. i'm glad. i'm very glad they did that. >> mount vernon. heading northbound. it crashed head-on, into a passenger car traveling southbound. people are in critical condition. 15 people had to be taken to the hospital, including the two people in the passenger car. they have not yet said exactly. coming up, convicted murderer, oscar pistorius, removes his prosthetic.
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reduced sentence. plus, they've located the wreckage of an egypt air flight in the mediterranean. we'll talk pollen. got kind of a break on the pollen count today. actually, in the moderate range. trees and grasses. you can find it on our website. all the stuff on our app. when you open the app, just scroll down to weather map. when we come back. we'll have more tomorrow. and
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taking a look at some stories making headlines around the world. egypt. with the plane crash. the flight disappeared while en route to paris, and cairo. in all, 66 people were on board. terrorists bombed. but no group is claiming responsibility. several workers are dead, after scaffolding collapsed in southern germany. it happened at a highway bridge that was under construction. police have not said exactly how many workers were killed. french police had to use tear gas. w4 routes english soccer fans. the group of about 200 english fans were taunting russian fans after their loss to slovakia. reports violent incidents. a judge in south africa, will sentence oscar pistorius.
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15 years in prison for the murder of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. but the judge can reduce it. his lawyers had the double amputee move without his prosthetic, to support their argument that he's a vulnerable man who deserves leniency. and a final goodbye onto a man of hockey. some of the sport's biggest names were there. died last friday. coming up, the story behind this dramatic explosion. caught on camera. at a gas station. and up next, senate democrats filibuster over gun control. donald trump, closer to fighting the democrats.
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in the wake of the orlando nightclub shootings, guns and national security are the talk of the campaign trail. >> republicans and democrats are at odds. at efforts to reduce firearms. >> i've had enough. >> reporter: congressional democrats are fighting
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fly, no-buy bill, which would keep people on the fbi's terror watch list from buying guns. >> the republican majority and the congress with the united states is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the national rifle association. >> reporter: donald trump tweeted that he wants to even beat the nra to discuss the issue. house republicans in favor of the bill say that could make a difference. >> if donald trump gets involved, that could certainly give enough republicans cover to at least allow on the road. >> hillary clinton is calling on congress to go a step further. she wants to sign the law by her husband in 1994. and expired in 2004. >> a new cbs news poll shows growing support to ban assault weapons, up 13 points since last december. >> we do need to stop terrorists from getting their hands on the tools to carry out attacks so easily. >> reporter: hillary clinton essentially wants to abolish
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it is under siege. and we are going to protect them. >> the latest bloomberg politics poll, shows clinton with a 12-point lead over trump. adam may, cbs news, the white house. >> donald trump is facing criticism from his own party. today's rally. republicans say they need to stick together. thanked the tibetan spiritual leader. accuses the dalai lama of campaigning. the federal reserve will not hike interest rates. says reserve officials. a kosovo citizen pled guilty today in federal
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to providing support to 20-year- old. admitted to hacking the company's computers and providing the personal data of hundreds of u.s. service members to isis. he faces up to 25 years in prison. the prosecution has rested its case in the trial of baltimore police officer. the defense submitted a motion for acquittal. arguments will take place when the trial resumes tomorrow. goodman is charged with murder and manslaughter in last year's death of freddie gray. goodson, drove the police van he was riding in when suffering a fatal injury. prosecutors say goodson gave gray a rough ride with no seat belt and failed to give medical help. the defense said goodson did nothing wrong. state and federal authorities are launching a new effort to track down a serial killer who struck. tied to 12 murders, 45 ways. dozens of burglaries across california. they created
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there's a $50,000 reward for capture. ocean city's long-time head of the beach patrol says he was just trying to be funny. but comments about transgender persons shooting the woman's bathroom has gotten him into trouble. the washington report says that it started when he sent an e- mail to staff claiming men who were not transgendered were using the women's facility. it appears to mock the company's transgendered policy. a spokesperson for the company says the comments were out of line. urban now faces disciplinary action. an explosion at a rochester, new york gas station. he was reaching in his parked car when it suddenly exploded. the car and the man were engulfed in flames. and you see him roll on the ground. trying to put those flames out. he is in the sp
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serious burns. but he's expected to survive. a space exrocket booster crashed while trying to land on an ocean barge. that crash came minutes after the falcon 9 successfully launched two satellites from cape cape canaveral, florida. the failed landing comes after three straight. there was a problem with one of the engines used to slow the booster. >> that was a the love mon -- thaftion a lot of money on the line. a lot hopes. >> expensive. >> i think temps are starting to soar a little bit. we went for a high of 81. seemed reasonable. average high is up to 85. and the thinking here, with cloud cover. a few showers or sprinkles, which we had earlier today. and also, an east/southeasterly wind. how did we do? we'll talk about that tonight at 11:00. live look outside. 82 now. humidity is much higher today. 62%. remember the dew points? they were in the
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yesterday. we talked about how unusual that was. well, we're getting spoiled. they're no longer there. kind of humid out. winds out of the south at 13. widen the radar out. couple of sprinkles down toward the northern neck. but this is the main area of showers and storms. look at the lightning strikes around roanoke. that should duck to our south. but that said, we're still going to keep the chance of a shower or thunderstorm overnight. bus stop temps, mid-60s to mid- 70s. not bad. maybe a sprinkle or shower. nothing heavy. some afternoon showers tomorrow. primarily west of town. and then a yellow weather alert primarily for friday thunderstorms pretty much across the board. future cast trying to bring some of these showers and storms to the south of us. this is 10:00, to the edge of fredericksburg. for the most part, just looking at clouds and storms in the 70s. try to roll through overnight. you probably hear the rumble of thunder. but by 6:00 in the morning, they're gone. now looking at 69 in bowie. and 70 in
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few sprinkles. temps in the 70s. by 1:00. low 80s. showers beginning to fire off to the west of us. and by 6:00. i think everybody is going to make it home essentially with dry pavement. but this is what we're watching. look at that. the yellow and orange and red. and even a little magenta. that's at 8:30 tomorrow. that is going to roll through the metro area. but weaken and go to the south. we're still contemplating the yellow weather alert for you folks in the shenandoah. looking at temps, low 80s by 1:00. there's your yellow weather alert. showers in the afternoon. upper 70s. beautiful on saturday. low 80s. expwiewfl for -- beautiful for dad. tuesday, a little hotter. and mid-80s with sunshine wednesday. >> how many people turn out for this game? >> over 44,000 people are at nas park today. that's the largest crowd so far this year. >> that's a lot of leave time. >> that's a lot of people
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is. >> and they got quite a show. what a pitcher's duel today at ash park, between two of
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the burgundy and gold surprised many last season, by winning the nfc east. some are there for first year kirk cousins at the helm. but early play-off exits still lingers in the mind of the players. today, the team wraps up their final day in
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there's been a little drama and a lot of focus. this team has been carrying a chip on its shoulder, this entire off season. >> we've got a bast bad taste in our mouth. and we felt we were the better team. but we just lost it in the second half. we have a lot to prove. and i can't wait to get going. >> overall, i've been impressed with both sides. and it's been great competition. but also, they've learned how to take care of each other, too. we had no injuries, so to speak of. and it's been pretty good. today is the national cubs rubber match. we've got quite the pitchers 44el that we expected. ,000 fans. and amongst them, this adorable little girl. come o. steven straus burg looking for his 11th win. not really the start he wanted. first bat of the game. giofves f the lead homer but he did settle down after that. including this stretch in the fourth. where all three were
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strikeouts. right now, it is 1-1 in the 8th. all right. this next video is impressive, but falls in the "do not try this at home" category. a golf ball on fire. and a fire pit full of, well, you guessed t. firecrackers. >> please don't try this at home. >> don't try it at home. at least they're staying away from the firecrackers. >> and they're illegal mon most areas around here. >> i can't do it anyway. >> exactly. >> he's a 7-year-old champion from birmingham. so he's got some skills. >> we're out of time. thanks for joining us. >> and bruce will be back at 11 -- 7:00. interviewing gray. don't want to miss that.
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moments before the orlando massacre, he called it islamic state vengeance. the investigation now focuses on what his wife knew. survivors search for emotional >>aling. or rep hter:oeow ds the cut heal? >> i don't know. >> pelley: also tonight, death at disney. >> we recovered the remains of the two-year-old from the water. >> pelley: killed by an alligator. and is led zeppelin a band of bandits? an alleged case of musical tefht goes to trial. captioning sponsored by cbs


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